The Revenge Weapon.

You wanna take a revenge? Great, Kill them! The only question left unanswered is, How do you do it? Which is the most easiest way to kill them and take your revenge? Have you ever given it a thought as to how you will take your revenge after uttering the statement “I will kill them and have my revenge!” When you say it, you decide that you are definitely going to do that. Well, then now that you have decided it, Let’s do it!

Let us begin with the basics, What do you mean by revenge? You want it, right? So you should know, what does revenge means? So, Revenge means a self-justified act of yours that hurts or pinches the soul of that person who has given you pains in the past. Hurting someone purposefully in return for their past acts is what you call as a Revenge. So, now that you are clear with the term ‘Revenge’, it is important for you to know the various ways through which you can have your revenge so that you can have it the way you like it. Let us just for time being consider the person who has hurt you in the past as a Revenge-Acceptor so that it would be easy for you understand things more accurately.

When you are aware that in order to have your revenge, you will have to act in such a way that it does not allow your Revenge-Acceptor to feel happy and it punches straight into his face then, Which action of your’s do you think will make him feel that way? Confused, huh? Don’t worry, you are about to find your answer.

Now, it is very important for you to know just one, small psychological fact, that is, Your Revenge-Acceptor feels really disturbed whenever he sees you being kind and smiling even though he has given you miserable pains in the past just because he had tried real hard to hurt you but seeing the reality that it did not affect you irritates him and makes him wonder if he should believe his eyes. That’s it!

You try having your revenge physically and in the process you too have negative vibes. Also, when you try to have verbal revenge, you hamper your reputation by your own words which again gradually adds on to your negative vibes. But, revenge is something where you should feel that you are the one to rule and he is the one to serve, right? That’s a perfect revenge. So, to have that perfect revenge, you just have to do one action, one shot, Smile!

Smile as much as you can. Be hopelessly kind. When you smile from the bottom of your heart and act in a very kind manner, it kills them. They feel pointless of hurting you because you prove it to them that it did not affect you at all by smiling and being kind and polite. The ultimate secret of taking a revenge in the best way is to smile. Your smile will take a revenge in a way you won’t even realize. The only act of your’s which will literally make them feel the shame is to smile. Whenever you want to have your revenge, Smile! It is the best way to have your revenge. Be kind! It is the best behaviour of yours that shots them down. Don’t think of any physical or verbal or any other way of having your revenge, just smile and be kind towards them because it can slap right in the face of your Revenge-Acceptor.

So, now it is easy for you to have your revenge. Now don’t waste time thinking, Get up, dress up, show up, and smile. Kill them with Kindness. Lights…Camera….And….. Action!


  • Smile is a very sharp weapon to have your Revenge.





23 thoughts on “The Revenge Weapon.

  1. Smile is the gesture which only man kind have so I always believe that the purpose of giving this unique thing should be justified by using it frequently to change the world in a better way.
    It’s call “Sweet Memories In Leaps Expression”
    So SMILE to take a sweet revenge. with smile.

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