Dear Mom…

Dear Mom,

God could not be present everywhere and that is why he created you. You are the most comfortable person I have ever been with. So, on this special day of your’s, I am not yet capable of gifting you an actual present but, Mother, I surely have few words which I own.  

Mom, for me, you are a perfect definition of Love, Care and Selflessness. Your every action ultimately meant my growth. You resigned from your job so that you could give your undivided attention to me and mould me into what I am today. I have reached this stage of my life all because of you and Daddy.  During all the late nights of my studies, all the classes of my dance, all the events of my school and through all the tough times of my life, you have always been there for me. You and Daddy have always known my wishes and desires without any words. All these years, I know that I have hurt you sometime or the other, but today, I want to apologize to you from within for all those words and deeds of mine. 

On the 43rd Birthday of yours, I say the biggest and the most special Thank You for everything that you have done for me. No words can ever describe your love for me because your love is that strong and deep. They say Perfection is hard to find but I found it in the form of my Mother. Today, I am confident young girl because I am being raised by a strong woman.  Mother, we have an unbreakable bond, pure love and everlasting friendship.

Happy Birthday Dear Mother..!

*To all the gorgeous and lovely Mothers

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