Love  Yourself the most because you are God’s masterpiece.” 

Care for someone because someone did for you too.”

Be Grateful to all those people in your life who gave you tears of joy and pain because they are the reason why you stand strong today.”

“Feel the Satisfaction to understand how lucky you are.”

“Experience the Heart Breaks to feel the love.”

Affection ends the jealousy in you.” 

“Best achievement is when you know your Parents are smiling because of you. Make them proud because they have sacrificed more than you can imagine.” 

Relax a little, fresh air is made for us too.”

Celebrate because you earn for yourself and not to pay the hospital bills.”  

“Make someone feel Special whenever your heart says so.”

” Express your Gratitude towards Life because many fight for it and lose.”

“Feel the Happiness in every situation and your pains will back off.”


43 thoughts on “Picxpression..!

      1. Welcome to the land of letters…Believe me..there’s no better place than this..It’s the best feeling..it’s the best experience..All the best for all the adventure..


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