They all asked me,
"What does Expectation mean?",
With the winds chilling my teardrop, I replied,
"Oh, It's just a way to hurt yourself."

With confused looks they stared at me,
And with goosebumps all over I continued,
"It does not seem to be true at first,
But with time, you'll realize that It's not false either."

"I expected once,
From deep within my heart,
And ended up having,
My soul torn apart."

"Since then I don't expect,
Anything and from anyone,
Because I now know that,
Expectations just bleed my heart. "

-Neha Kulkarni

62 thoughts on “Expectations..

      1. वर्डप्रेस वरती कुणी कुलकर्णी सापडण्याची माझी पण पहिलीच वेळ…! बरं वाटलं. ब्लॉग्ज शेअर करत राहू.

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