Wedding Vows..

25th December 2018, The wedding bells reverberated and finally, was the day when two hearts were going to merge forever to be said as one.

It was just the perfect day. The air allover was scented with the aroma of love and joy. As she was getting dressed for her special day, He was staring out of the window feeling all nervous and different. The world for both of them was about to change. The dream they both had seen a few years ago was slowly coming true. The clock was ticking, the time was running and they both were all set to enter the phase of life filled with purity and unconditional love where all the “I’s” were going to be replaced by “We’s”.

It was 11 in the morning, the most awaited moment for them. He entered the hall which was decorated with ribbons and flowers especially for them and slowly proceeded towards the stage where He was going to experience the best part of his life. The sparkle in His eyes and the depth of His smile said it all. Standing there with thumping heartbeats, He saw Her making her grand entrance. She was looking like an Angel on the earth. Her beautiful cascade of hair, Her perfectly matching jewellery and the peace and happiness seen in her eyes made Her the most gorgeous woman present in the entire room. She slowly walked down the aisle and it seemed to Him as if She was the light in his dark times, the support in his hardships and the one he was meant to be with.

The world for both of them slowed down as she approached him. They looked into each other’s eyes and their sight locked. They could see their reflection in the eyes of that special person standing in front of them. Still looking far deep into the ocean of eyes, The Bride and The Groom exchanged their vows. Vows which came from within , Vows which made them One and Vows which tied them together forever.

Here’s To My Dear Kanishk Dada And Rumi Vahini….The Most Charming Newly Wedded Couple. Congratulations And A Very Happy Married Life Dear.

Dear Dada And Vahini,
I am so sorry that I missed such a beautiful day of yours but I am sure that you’ll have many more beautiful occasions to come. Sending you a wedding gift in the form of words, which I own, with Lots of Love. Take care and Stay Blessed.

With Love,


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