Adiós 2018….. Hola 2019!

2018 has really been a great year! This was indeed a swift one. One day after the other which lead to weeks and months ahe here comes 31st December 2018 marking the end of this fantastic year.

2018 taught me many  lessons of life. It made me experience a lot many things but I would like to mention the biggest lesson 2018 taught me. That is ‘Think before you do!’ 25 December 2018, as I had mentioned in Wedding Vows.. , one of my dearest Brothers’ got married and I had to miss his wedding day just because I was supposed to write a test on the very same day. I got my ticket cancelled and later felt that it was one of my greatest mistakes which I will regret for a lifetime. I could have given the test the next day but I did not think about all this when cancelling my ticket. So, this experience has taught me two very important lessons, 1. Think Before You Do!. 2. Be firm with whatever you decide.’

Also, I am glad to mention about Talk Exchange..! I had not even dreamt of doing anything like this but one evening just thought of giving it try and now feel really nice that I thought of trying it out. Talk Exchange has given me experiences, memories and friends for a lifetime. I am really grateful to all my lovely readers who have supported me all the way till here.

2018, Thank you so much for turning my year into an experience. My eyes water when I say a goodbye to you but after all 2018 has to end for the grand welcome of 2019.

2019 is surely gonna be an amazing year full of excitement, opportunities, fun, achievements and what not. I am awaiting this year and look forward for success and wish to help someone and make a difference for him. I am all set to welcome 2019 with a blast. Blast of happiness and a Blast of positivity.

Wishing you all, Dear Blogger Buddies a very Happy and Healthy 2019!

Also dear Readers, Do write and share the experiences and Lessons 2018 taught you guys in the comments section. Will be waiting for your exchange of talks.

Waiting Eagerly for 2019!
With Lots of Love to all my Blogger Buddies,
Neha Kulkarni.
Talk Exchange..!


48 thoughts on “Adiós 2018….. Hola 2019!

  1. Beautiful post, Neha.
    What the past has taught me is that life will always go on and it’s not necessary that everyday will be sad and gloomy.
    Rather each new day brings a new ray of light in our life’s, so always think positively and it’ll get better and better.

    Thank you for your lovely support Neha
    It really means a lot to me.💕💕

    I hope your New Year is filled with amazing experiences!💓

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  2. Wonderful conversation to end one great year and to begin another tremendous one. I wish you and yours all the very best in your endeavors. I am a very patient person. For reason unknown to me yet God has gifted me with patience. My children 😂 will beg to differ on this point but I always say to them , my patience manifested differently with each of you. But for 2018 I learned to be more mindful of everything in my life literally. It has been a learning experience and has taught me more about keeping pace and being a better person overall, especially to myself.

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    1. Oh..That’s a really important and mind blowing piece you have shared. With the conversation I am learning a lot many new things from you. Thank you very much for sharing your experience..It made me learn something new.
      Happy 2019!

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  3. Happy new year to you!
    What 2018 has taught me is that don’t waste time – you will never be able to get back those seconds, so don’t waste any. Make the most of each moment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just live each moment as it comes.
    Again, happy new year!

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  4. Absolutely right but sometimes mistakes are made one can’t hold the slightest or the biggest thing against you as we all make some decisions for me being firm about those is not the thing it’s about how would it be I leave all on god but surely your blog came late all done got undone a very wise happy new year

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