On The Heaven’s Brink

Facing the Heaven's door,
Not wanting to go in,
On the Heaven's brink I stand,
Thinking about all that I did.

Studying hard I grew,
Burning the midnight oil,
Now I realize that,
Maybe I should've played a little bit too.

Then was the Fantasy Time,
And I got engrossed in finding My Love,
But I ran out of patience and moved on,
Now I think that maybe,
I should've waited a little bit more.

Got lost in my job next,
Spent all the years there,
"Why did I not think of my Passion", I regret,
"Now what's the point", my subconscious replied.

I had this one Life,
One chance to live the way I wished to,
But I went wrong with my choices,
And now I realize that,
Life was just a blink of an eye.

Maybe I should've waited a bit,
Taken a hault and thought,
But Life made me run to death,
And on the Heaven's brink I stand today,
Not wanting to go in.

Turning behind I realize,
I regret a lot of my choices,
Wish I could have a chance to live again,
But now I have to leave.
-Neha Kulkarni...

48 thoughts on “On The Heaven’s Brink

  1. The pics and the words sync so well but the pics seem to be representing more hope and optimism. 🙂 Don’t lose hope because there is no age for attaining greatness. best wishes and luck 💐

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  2. It’s a pity really to see the state of life everyone is living. Keep preaching this ya? Indeed life is only a blink of an eye! We must answer for what we do and whether or not we are fulfilling what our Maker has called us to do!

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  3. Neha it is so, so touching. I was reading your post and thinking about one of my posts “Where did it go?” Everything goes in a blink of an eye! Just enjoy it! I simply love to read you and really enjoyed both the words and photos of this post!💖🙏

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      1. I love you in my Lord Christ Jesus. He who saves the Spirtual Soul and indwells with the Holy Spitit who give us strength to deny temptation of the flesh, for the flesh is weak and we cannot tame it ourselves. 🙂

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  4. Don’t regret when you did wrong or loose because if we win and succeed,we will be happy… but when we loose, we will learn….._
    That’s the concept….winning or losing is natural . So, we should be strong and do not give up easily as it can make us to learn even more….

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  5. Great poem! So well written and true. Don’t waste a moment as we only have one life and the question is: how are we going to live it? (to quote the movie “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”). I hope that when I die, I don’t regret all or most of my choices and that I can look back on my life with not many regrets.

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