Walk Towards The Dawn..

I started my journey a long time ago,

All alone, taking my shadow along.

My walk began at dusk,

And ended up with someone at dawn.

I had a hand to hold,

He had a heart of gold,

I counted on His shoulder,

For shedding all my tears.

An annyamos face it was,

Had never seen Him before,

But still He had,

A special place in my heart.

At dawn, my walk came to an end,

A success as it was,

I turned back for Him,

And He was no where to be seen.

My eyes desperate for His sight,

My fingers waiting for His touch,

Stood in complete awe I wondered,

Was He even there or not.

Wanting for him to return,

I knelt to the ground and waited,

And all of a sudden,

A paper on the ground caught my sight.

“Don’t wait, for I am not going to return,

Don’t cry for I was not even real.

God, is what they call me,

But your soul is where I live. ”

“It was you who guided yourself,

I just brought you through my way,

It’s just that you found me in your heart,

Because you believed in me and your prayers I heard.” Said God.

Holding the paper still,

I wiped my face with my cold hands,

With God’s Letter still in my hands, I stood up

And walked believing in God, who lives in my soul and my heart.

-Neha Kulkarni…

70 thoughts on “Walk Towards The Dawn..

  1. There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.

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