Misguided Perceptions

“Perception” is the way we look at things. It can be A Problem, A Person, A Phenomenon or even Life. What matters in every situation of our Life is our Perception.

Perceptions can be either Positive or Negative but can’t ever be categorized as Right or Wrong which is exactly what we do.

Not liking the way one sees things, we consider that perception to be a wrong one and often tend to tell the person that he lives with a wrong point of view. When in reality it’s not wrong but different than our’s. This assumption creates a kind of hatred towards us in the person’s mind, thus building walls between the two.

Rather, why not try building bridges instead of walls by accepting the others person’s perception as different and not wrong…

We are misguiding ourselves by differentiating Perceptions as Right or Wrong. Perceptions differ from person to person which is the most exciting phenomenon one can ever understand. This variety in perceptions makes this world the best place to live because the various perceptions teaches us various things. Considering a Perception different is the right thing but calling it wrong means simply misguiding ourselves.

God gave everyone different eyes and thus different perceptions.

They aren’t wrong.. They’re just beautiful in their own way.

41 thoughts on “Misguided Perceptions

  1. Need to communicate with the person so that bridge can be build and pillars will be strong enough. Is applicable for me also… I still need to improve a lot.

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