So Called “Importance”

“Yeah.. It’s really Important for me” “You are the most important person for me” How many times do we all say such sentences? Maybe daily, maybe rarely. But the question is how many times do we actually mean these sentences?

Nothing is important for a person when he actually has it. We never under the importance of all our valuable possessions, the people we love and care for and every little thing that brings a smile on our face unless we lose them or even before we have them.

Everything is valuable for us only and only before we get it and after we lose it forever. In between, how much ever we show that we care for it, we never understand how important it is. It’s the So Called “Importance” we show to the world..we just talk about stuff but don’t really care about it.

This the exact reason why we feel the absence of a person. We tend to take people for granted and don’t give them our quality time which we later regret once we lose the important people in our lives. That is when we realize how important people actually are in our lives but then it’s a real late realization because we don’t have those people with us anymore, not even to apologize.

It’s a high time now. Start feeling the so called “Importance”. Understand how important people are because once we lose them, they are never going to return, not even for the sake of forgiveness…

75 thoughts on “So Called “Importance”

  1. This is one part of the truth i.e. one of the cases and probably it’s what’s mostly happen…But there are many people that care between these 2 situations you mentioned, they give everything and sometimes it just doesn’t work…mostly because it’s not mutual or the efforts are not mutual as well
    Thank you for sharing, well written πŸ‘

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  2. Nicely written and true.
    This is a wonderful topic of great importance. I definitely agree that there seems to be a lapse of urgency in many relationship were dedication and the value of time was not recognized.
    InHisCare πŸ™

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    1. Nah re.. Paper madhe je articles v4tat tech lihave lagtat πŸ˜…
      Ani asa kahi ch v4at nahit.. Letter to principle..
      ………… and that’s how he understood the importance of banning plastic
      Asa kay kay v4tat.. πŸ˜‚

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