Six Words Stories..

I was alone so I won.

Appreciate Hate to feel the Love.

Mad people do the Greatest Works.

Understand than to be understood always.

I deserved Dignity so I left.

Attitude and Arrogance and Different Things.

Their Opinions are just perfect “Moo”s.

To make a difference, work different.

Smile and you are the topic.

I Roared and the Barks stopped.

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Inspired by Zealous Homo Sapiens..

105 thoughts on “Six Words Stories..

  1. I can relate to the story line, โ€˜to make a difference, work different.โ€™

    Along that line I have six words that enabled me to go from an entry level computer programmer to a new position created just for me in less than six months.

    โ€˜To be noticed, do the unexpectedโ€™

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      1. Thank you for your kind words!

        I had the least chronological computer experience in the company. But when management went to demonstrate the system we had been working on, everyone was told to stand down and do nothing until they got feedback from the users.

        While everybody else did stand down, I kept testing the system and finding problems. And two days later management returned, called everyone into the conference room
        and said we have serious system problems!

        After they outlined them, I raised my hand and said, โ€œI know and hereโ€™s my paper outlining the problems and possible solutions.โ€

        If I had stopped working like the other people in the company, I would not had succeeded like I did!

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      1. Watching my newscast this morning there are massive floods north of me about 90 miles. We had a giant storm come from Texas and went north all the way to canada…60 mphl wรฎnds…you probably cant relate tO the names..just an fyi…..conversation.

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