Then You Are Rich..

If once in a year,

You go on a tour with your family,

Then you are rich.

If once in a month,

You sit back and choose to relax,

Then you are rich.

If once in a week,

Stars are your roof,

Then you are rich.

If once in a day,

You have your food with your family,

Then you are rich.

If once in an hour,

You could laugh hard,

Then you are rich.

If once in a minute,

You could breathe deeply,

Then you are rich.

If in your Life,

You could have something that money can’t buy,

Then you are rich.

-Neha Kulkarni…

131 thoughts on “Then You Are Rich..

      1. Dear, I don’t believe for a second that I’m your 1st fan, I’m pretty sure you have plenty, but I am one of your biggest fans! And you have all my admiration!
        Yes! As you kindly wrote to me, โ€just keep writing and go from better to bestโ€
        Here, your biggest fan, will be waiting eagerly for more ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Wow. You are correct. The richness can’t be measured with only in terms of financial parameters. It’s a relative term. You are rich if you believe. You are poor if you believe. You are according to what you think about yourself. Great post.

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  2. My mother is 92 and doesn’t know me anymore. My sister hates me cause I don’t go see mom anymore. Dad is 91 and mad because my sister is…once a month? That would be crazy. I am the black sheep and the big bad wolf rolled in to one.

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      1. She is a vegetable and doesnt know im there and i dont like seeing her in that state. I worked 25yrs in a hospital with nursing home. Ive seen more than my share of folks exactly like that. There is no point. Other than my feelings at that moment. Which are miserable. Do i just “bite the bullet?” And go to satisfy ,my sister who is crossways of me anyway or can i remember her in better times?


      2. The reality is the choice is yours. In life one has to decide who they are, what’s important and how they live. I have also made some decisions that many don’t agree with but they work for me so I do me.

        Recently on my FB page I said,

        I have changed. I will not apologise for it and I will not change back to make you happy. I am cool being me and if you donโ€™t understand it is all good.

        If you last saw me a couple of years agoโ€ฆyou will drop off your seat when you meet me.
        If you thought you knew how to push my buttonsโ€ฆthink again
        If I used to run to your aid without thought and I havenโ€™t for a whileโ€ฆpause and ask why
        If you donโ€™t understand my online postsโ€ฆyou havenโ€™t been part of the journey
        If you havenโ€™t received a call or a text from meโ€ฆjust ask when you last reached out and that is your answer

        This girl has shifted and is totally loving it because it has come with loads of freedom and lightness. I will no longer be manipulated by others feelings, beliefs and impressions. I am me and so I am doing me.
        I will weigh everything you say to me against my internal scale that is all my own so donโ€™t be surprised if something used to be important but no longer is
        I will look at everything through my rose coloured lens and not apologise for my perspectives
        I will give you room to share your opinion and will decide whether I will agree or disagree but will accord you the grace to differ

        I encourage you to find and do you because life is too short to live for or through others.
        There is too much assigned to each of us to continue to be bound by expectations of others that donโ€™t align with who we are.
        Ask every question you have and remain in asking till you find the right answer as opposed to the easy ones
        Trust God to come through; let go of all platitudes and find out real reasons for your existence.
        Understand the season we are in and the actions required of you that if left undone will stall everyone else.
        Realise that if you do not become the fullness of who God called you to be, you will fail.

        I make #noapologies for my stance and challenge each one to find their place and live it out so that when our days are over, we will be glad to exit into the arms of our Creator without regret or fear.

        #NoExcuses #NoLimitations


        Find you and so you and the joy you find in life will be insane

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  3. Pardon me, Neha..for my former comment. I was looking back at that conversation and I dont know why I said that or what possessed me to even think such a thing. Many humble apologies…I hope you accept. I have no reason to dislike your writings, although that is not what I said…but it sure felt like it to me. You have a gift and it seems to me and many others you ARE a gift to us. So thank you and please excuse my bad manners.

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