Drowned, Didn’t Sink..

My heart drowned,

Deeper in the oceans,

Full of hate and blood,

For I went adrift and lost the shore.

My tears merged with the waters,

My heart shed drops of pains,

Searched for a piece of support,

But I got just the waves.

The waters pulled me further deep,

The ocean bed awaited my last breath,

It was ready to keep me at rest,

And tell the world I did my best.

Yet I was destined to drown,

Allergic to Love my Karma was,

Ocean too was sorry for me,

But my Fate was the King.

Into my own feelings,

I was drowning so fast,

But my only wish was,

To sink in slowly,

Than to drown so hard.

-Β©Neha Kulkarni…

50 thoughts on “Drowned, Didn’t Sink..

  1. There is no light in the deeps of the ocean is like going from the darkness of the night into the darkness of infinity… Thanks for sharing such a powerful mental image! Beautiful words…

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  2. Quite a lot of depth that you captured in this blog of yours. Well, you’re welcomed in a different world when you drown. Perspectives that you never tried to experiment are now under your control. Keep writing!

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