I Wasn’t You…

They say “Happiness is life”

It’s true, it is life.

But satisfying for the less,

Well, that’s definitely not happiness.

You dreamt big enough,

Tried to go the extra mile,

But maybe you fell short of,

Either Time or your Willpower.

You found perfection,

You found bliss, even in least,

But that wasn’t happiness,

It was just massive waste.

I have expensive dreams,

I am ambitious, and I count on it.

You settled for the rest,

But my satisfaction is just the best.

We walked the same path,

Yet went our own ways

Not because our destinies didn’t match,

The difference was simply because,

I wasn’t you..

-Β©Neha Kulkarni

24 thoughts on “I Wasn’t You…

  1. If one tends to incline emotionally towards a person who is quite similar to him, it’s predictable that their fights would be the worst. Loving a person who is contrasting to your personality is the best match possible, that is in my point of view. And yes, as usual, a lovely write-up.

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