Experience Of Interference..

Experience is the greatest teacher,

Life is a jigsaw of it,

Every passing moment,

You experience a new wave.

Experiences talk a lot,

A good one we cherish,

The best one is in the heart,

And the worst one, always on the mind.

Experience is a move of life,

With every new comes either delight or fight,

But the venom for experiences is,

The Interference of some kind.

Interference denies you from experiencing,

It poisons the lessons of life,

When someone guides you through every step,

You fail to learn by yourself.

Interference out of care,

Is Injurious and out of trend,

21st century needs to learn from life,

Than to live in the nutshell and indirectly die.

-©Neha Kulkarni..

38 thoughts on “Experience Of Interference..

  1. Very well written, proud of you.
    Parents always care but the matter keep on changing as baby becomes kid and then teenager and so on.

    Liked by 1 person

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