I Am Her..

Her smile is my happiness and her tears, my weakness.. She sacrificed more than I could imagine and loved more than I could return.. I did hurt her but she forgave and loved even more. She is my bestiee, she’s my buddy, she’s my mom ‘n I call her Aai..

Her every day ends with me. Her every thought has my care. Every time life hits hard, she is the support for me. Yet, I hurt her in ways I don’t realize. I argue with her just because my mind skips the fact that she isn’t just another person, but she is the love of my life, blood in my veins and she is the combination of all the Lords whom I worship each day.

I have shared with her every part of my life but I always fail to tell her how much I love her and care for her. I might not show it in ways people do, but she is the reason behind all my achievements, all my rise-ups and life itself.

Mothers Day isn’t just for biological relationships.. It’s a tribute to all those mothers who gave up their dreams so that we could live our dream..Happy Mother’s Day To The Strong Mothers..! โค

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