Simple Humans..

After a long time,

Feels like decades, yet it’s not that much,

I’ve travelled for an entire day,

And still the skies invite and roads go on.

Headphones connected,

Music on, waiting for the flight to take off,

My brain having no idea what to do for the next few hours,

“Write, my girl, write” my heart never fails to tell.

Seeing another big aeroplane take off,

I wondered, what it must have been to invent this massive thing?

Hard work of years together,

Many ideas crumbled already,

Yet with all the might they made it happen,

Because their willpower was as huge as the flight.

Slashing the winds was tough,

Challenging mother nature was not easy either,

But still they came through all of it.

Simple humans with ignited minds,

And not even God can stop you.

-Neha Kulkarni..

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