I Miss Those Days..

I miss those days,

When in the corridors we roamed,

To skip the boring lectures,

My school was my part-time home.

Carving our names on benches,

For we wanted our school to remember us,

Being the best batch was the aim,

Did what not for the same.

Teachers always taught with a smile,

We literally breathed out our “Good Morning” to them

They always gave their best,

Yet we realized their importance a little late.

Batchmates were a special part,

The soft corner of each heart,

Making our problems into bits of fun,

Marks affected the friendships of none.

Being groomed by the best souls,

Life offered us it’s best phase,

Now that this chapter has closed,

I miss those days.

-Β©Neha Kulkarni..

35 thoughts on “I Miss Those Days..

  1. We grow up with such an idealistic view on how our life should be; love, friendships, a career or even the place we will live ~ only to age and realise none of it is what you expected & reality is a little disheartening, when you’ve reached that realisation; you have learnt the gift of all, any new beginning can start now and if you want anything bad enough you’ll find the courage to pursue it with all you have. The past doesn’t have to be the future, stop making it so.


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