Don’t Look Back..

Don’t look back,

If it’s gonna hurt,

Let go the past,

For it’s too heavy to carry.

The world brought you down to your knees,

You got stabbed with unknown knives,

You sowed seeds for flowers,

But they grew up to be thorns instead.

The past you are tired of,

Is irritating you simply,

Because you forgot to leave it behind,

And failed to think about the next.

It can’t be changed,

Neither can it be rewritten,

Rather than carrying it along,

Just leave it behind all alone.

When you doubt your future,

And your self-esteem you lack,

Just rest your mind for a while,

But don’t look back.

-Neha Kulkarni..

20 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back..

  1. The more you dream big in life
    The more you will be able to strive
    For dreaming will take you one step ahead
    To achieve everything you want
    Dream big in life
    So that you can get what you want!


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