My Daddy’s Umbrella..

My Daddy’s Umbrella,

Had a small hole in it,

I asked him to buy a new one,

He said I already did.

A fortnight ago, he did buy,

An attractive pink umbrella,

With cute little bears on it,

But the umbrella was for me.

I already had two,

He bought for me thrice,

But for himself he used,

The old one saying it was still nice.

The rod of his umbrella broke,

The number of holes increased,

Yet he resisted to buy a new one,

And got the same one fixed.

I asked him to use good stuff,

For we could afford it.

Back then I didn’t realized,

All his sacrifices,

Were just for me.

-Β©Neha Kulkarni.

43 thoughts on “My Daddy’s Umbrella..

  1. Beautiful… Father is the most underrated of the two parents… he sacrifices a lot but they are never acknowledged… no doubt Mother has a larger role, but Fathers have one too, however small it may be… beautifully written…

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