Because Sometimes..

Turn around and see,

For just once before you leave,

Because Sometimes,

Their tears just need your sleeve.

Calm yourself and think,

Before you raise your voice,

Because sometimes,

Piercing their heart is not the only choice.

Take a small moment,

Right before you end it,

Because sometimes,

The End would kill you bit by bit.

Hold your breath and listen,

Maybe you are the only one,

Because sometimes,

With your words, their hearts might burn.

Hang on and take life easy,

But think before you unlove someone,

Because sometimes,

Your angered actions can’t be undone.

-Neha Kulkarni..

12 thoughts on “Because Sometimes..

  1. The thread of hope and expectations is indeed thin and fragile. The emotions mentioned in the poem are indeed reactive in nature but with impact and consequences. Nice and well structured πŸ‘Œ.

    Liked by 1 person

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