Some years later from now,

When my hands would be cold,

My eyes shut and my blood frozen,

When I’ll be completely gone.

Come back here once again,

Read these lines for one last time,

For that’s what my bleeding heart,

Has always said and repeated.

Whenever someone was hurt,

And the reason was me,

I cried out of guilt,

And cried myself to sleep.

Whenever I was hurt,

By my own beloved people,

I cried out of pain,

But they had no time for my tears.

No one was ever busy,

They just never cared,

For every single person had come,

Just to kill me in an unseen manner.

I blindly trusted, I fearlessly expected,

I quietly forgave, I completely forgot,

But that way everyone,

Slowly tore me apart.

Now that I’ve gone,

Has my worth yet been proven?

Take off that mask just for once ‘n say,

Was I ever your world’s conclusion…

-Neha Kulkarni..

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