The Feeling Of Being Lonely…

The feeling of being Lonely can prove to be a feeling which can lead an individual to a state of depression. This is a feeling where one tends to believe that he/she has been left out of all the activities happing in the surrounding. The person thinks and eventually starts believing that he/she is does not deserve to be around people. They start developing a fear of being surrounded by people they like or dislike. For them, they strongly feel that their opinion does not matter to anyone anymore. So, they choose to be alone and away from every happening in the society. They select a quiet, dull room and be in the same room for almost all the time. A different change in a person’s appetite, an increase in the frustration level, choosing to be alone means to be lonely which leads to depression.

Basically, why or how does one start developing these habits? Is it a natural or hormonal process in the body through which everyone has to go? No, it isn’t. It’s the psychological imbalance which causes a person to go on the wrong track.

Being lonely is a side effect of having a thought of being unloved. The most frequent reason why teenagers are going through the miserable state of depression is because of being lonely. We start becoming lonely when a strong attachment or a strong bond with someone or something breaks. May it be a person, a pet or anything. When we get too attached we indirectly start being too dependent on the person or the thing. Well, to be clear, our existence depends on it.

God forbid, but if we lose the precious possession, we feel that everything has been lost and we don’t deserve to be around people. This feeling arises just because of one thing which meant a lot to you, hurting you. This slowly takes you down the depression lane and eventually your survival depends on the pills.

The best way to not fall in this trap is to be at a distance from everything. Not being too dependent is a sign of being strong and confidant. Of course, everyone needs people to be with, to talk to, to enjoy with. But the safest way to save yourself from going through the worst storm is to be at a distance from every little thing in your life, except yourself. Remember one thing, If your mind gets lost into someone or something, you slowly start losing yourself and distancing yourself from your goals.

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