What Has Gone So Wrong?

What has gone so wrong,
That in every challenge offered by Life,
You choose to bend down,
Instead of standing up strong.

What has gone so wrong,
That the gift of Life has lost it’s worth,
And everytime your capacities are questioned,
You shut everything up by breathing no more.

What has gone so wrong,
That it can’t be shared , expressed, understood,
Instead you choose to be quiet,
And put your own hands around your own throat.

What has gone so wrong,
That it killed the warrior inside you,
And the fight you are destined to win,
Is put to an end just by a few rope-knots.

What has gone so wrong,
That in this world of fight or flight,
You give up the fight before it begins,
And simply fly off even without trying.

-©Neha Kulkarni…

28 thoughts on “What Has Gone So Wrong?

  1. Beautifully expressed the helplessness of those who choose to simply give up without even trying and leave a Question for all of us and then we all come up with our own perception about his or her situation. It is very simple to understand that we have made world so difficult for everyone to live the way they want to and there are standards or guidelines to follow if someone fails we tag them as failures and ignore. No one wants to hold the hand or stop by to that individual who didn’t follow the guidelines handed over to him by a group of society and we all force him/her to isolation… Let’s make the world livable for all by accepting everyone without any guidelines and make ourself available for those who need it

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  2. Good one Neha. Sadly, no one can answer the question except the one who suffered. I wish people be blessed to have their loved ones around with whom they can share their pain and suffering. It makes huge difference. 🙂

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