People.. People..!

People… People… People…! Honestly, in the 21st century, you don’t get to live your life, people live your life for you, society decides the way you should walk, talk, dress, behave, rather the society’s opinions decide how your future is going to be. When you decide to do something out of the box, you tend […]

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Dear Pillow..

Some chapters of life, Unloved and unread, A permanent place in heart, They hurt, everytime I thought. Tears explain them well, Words always fall short of, It’s not just another incident, But a feeling of Feelings being crushed. All that was supposed go well, Ended in a surprising way, My lips displayed a beautiful smile, […]

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I Miss Those Days..

I miss those days, When in the corridors we roamed, To skip the boring lectures, My school was my part-time home. Carving our names on benches, For we wanted our school to remember us, Being the best batch was the aim, Did what not for the same. Teachers always taught with a smile, We literally […]

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Be Like The Sun..

Be like the sun, Full of fire and fury, Too bright for those who can see, Too dark for those who can’t. Be like the sun, In someone’s life, Brightening their world, By being the only light, In their sad and their dark. Be like the sun, In someone’s life, Burning their ego, By expressing […]

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Simple Humans..

After a long time, Feels like decades, yet it’s not that much, I’ve travelled for an entire day, And still the skies invite and roads go on. Headphones connected, Music on, waiting for the flight to take off, My brain having no idea what to do for the next few hours, “Write, my girl, write” […]

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Hey Everyone..! I am glad to announce that Talk Exchange has reached yet another milestone. 500 Followers..! This is a really big thing for me because I had started Talk Exchange one evening and had never thought that I would go this far. A big thank you to all my lovely readers for you undaunted […]

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I Am Her..

Her smile is my happiness and her tears, my weakness.. She sacrificed more than I could imagine and loved more than I could return.. I did hurt her but she forgave and loved even more. She is my bestiee, she’s my buddy, she’s my mom ‘n I call her Aai.. Her every day ends with […]

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In The Streets Of Mumbai..

A chaos worth listening, A hustle worth being in, The streets of Mumbai, Call us to be seen. Feet walking, hands swinging, Dripping drops of sweat, Everyone working at a seconds catch, The clock and feet perfectly match. Carrying their own load, With responsible shoulders. No one cares, About what others wear. A work-hard life, […]

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Experience Of Interference..

Experience is the greatest teacher, Life is a jigsaw of it, Every passing moment, You experience a new wave. Experiences talk a lot, A good one we cherish, The best one is in the heart, And the worst one, always on the mind. Experience is a move of life, With every new comes either delight […]

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I Wasn’t You…

They say “Happiness is life” It’s true, it is life. But satisfying for the less, Well, that’s definitely not happiness. You dreamt big enough, Tried to go the extra mile, But maybe you fell short of, Either Time or your Willpower. You found perfection, You found bliss, even in least, But that wasn’t happiness, It […]

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It’s not necessary..

It’s not necessary, That my every poem, My every quote and post, Has a secret message for someone. It’s not necessary, That I have to be careful That I have to be restricted, To write my every pain. It’s not necessary, That I mean some secret stuff, Or a code to crack, In my every […]

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When Life Says No..

Life is a beautiful mess, So do the people say. But when Life says a no, It slaps straight into your face. Life speaks the language of experiences, Intelligence is just an illusion. It makes us understand love, By making us experience hate. Everything can be created and destroyed, In just a blink of an […]

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Questions As A Teen..

Why has everything changed Why does all of it seems so wrong Why do my own people Leave me all alone when I need them a lot. Why has the time changed Why is the world so cruel Why do I see masks all over Why can’t I see the knives behind the backs. Why […]

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Everything was perfect, Attractive like beauty. The place of my dreams, The sky full of bliss. Sun set with hopes, Moon rose with the Stars. An exquisite land, Of which I had always dreamt of. An expensive lifestyle, Luxury as routine. Stepping out of a Mercedes, I enter a Villa, with my name on it. […]

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Be You..

No matter what they say, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they behave, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they react, Don’t forget to be you,. No matter how they change, Don’t forget to be you. Maybe they’ll hate you, Maybe you’ll be left out, Maybe you’ll feel alone, Maybe you’ll […]

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Drowned, Didn’t Sink..

My heart drowned, Deeper in the oceans, Full of hate and blood, For I went adrift and lost the shore. My tears merged with the waters, My heart shed drops of pains, Searched for a piece of support, But I got just the waves. The waters pulled me further deep, The ocean bed awaited my […]

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The Game

Down the lane, Of bliss and pain, A few memories vanishing, A few of them recreating. Where a few things started, A lot of them saw an end. Where my life slowly turned, Into a different kind of game. I tried to figure out the rules, But they kept changing with every move. The Hard-To-Get […]

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Then You Are Rich..

If once in a year, You go on a tour with your family, Then you are rich. If once in a month, You sit back and choose to relax, Then you are rich. If once in a week, Stars are your roof, Then you are rich. If once in a day, You have your food […]

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3 Hobbies That Make Your Life.

Hobbies are an unseperable part of life. No one is complete without possessing a hobby. But sometimes we have let go our hobbies for our education or some other reasons and choosing between what we like and what is necessary to do is a really very tough job. Nothing hurts more than letting go our […]

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