Reblog : Paper planes 🛫

Hey Readers! Please read these beautiful lines.. They are too amazing. This blogger is an amazing one.. Read his other posts too.. They are magical! My feeble hands twist and turn a piece of paper. No matter the shape, no matter the science but my imagination makes it better. I wish my fantasy quickly turns […]

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Walk Towards The Dawn..

I started my journey a long time ago, All alone, taking my shadow along. My walk began at dusk, And ended up with someone at dawn. I had a hand to hold, He had a heart of gold, I counted on His shoulder, For shedding all my tears. An annyamos face it was, Had never […]

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Acceptance Is Change..

Every human being on this planet has a desire to bring a change. A change in oneself because of the past mistakes, A change in one’s relationships, etc. But how do you bring about a change? Confused huh? So, let’s get out of this confusion by finding a solution! First of all, it is a […]

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The Missing Me..

Somewhere beneath the Negativity, Somewhere behind the cruelty, Wanting to come out of it, I pray to God, To return back The Missing Me. Scratched by the abuse, Crumbled as a sheet of paper, Both my hands joined firmly, I pray to God, To return back The Missing Me. Trying to find a way out, […]

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Balloon Smiles..

A bright sunny morning it was,Birds singing and Trees dancing,Yet sad and low I felt,Dependant on someone for my happiness as I was.Nothing seemed nice to me,Not even the mild breeze,Though everything was perfect to smile,I waited for someone to make me smile.Suddenly from nowhere,A balloon came flying,Irritated by it hitting me,I held it between […]

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On The Heaven’s Brink

Facing the Heaven’s door,Not wanting to go in,On the Heaven’s brink I stand,Thinking about all that I did.Studying hard I grew,Burning the midnight oil,Now I realize that,Maybe I should’ve played a little bit too.Then was the Fantasy Time,And I got engrossed in finding My Love,But I ran out of patience and moved on,Now I think […]

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Art Talks..

Be Thankful. No One Knows His Last Goodbye. She Is Always Ok Even When She Is Broken. Time Is Precious. Tear Scars. Trust. Complicated. No One’s Ever Alone. Don’t Judge By Looks. Depth. Be Strong And Bulletproof. Believe In Your Wings. Have A Heart Which Shines. A Heart Which Defines Hope.

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They all asked me,”What does Expectation mean?”,With the winds chilling my teardrop, I replied,”Oh, It’s just a way to hurt yourself.”With confused looks they stared at me,And with goosebumps all over I continued,”It does not seem to be true at first,But with time, you’ll realize that It’s not false either.””I expected once,From deep within my […]

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Rhythm ‘N Beats..

A Song I like with a colour in the title :  Red – Taylor Swift                                                                                  […]

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Don’t Give It A Damn..!

When you know they talk.. Ignore.. When you are aware they talk.. Ignore.. When you are sure they talk… Ignore.. But.. Everytime they talk.. Thank them for making you strong enough to Listen, Understand, Ignore and Improve and just Pray… May They Live Long To See Your Empire!

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The Revenge Weapon.

You wanna take a revenge? Great, Kill them! The only question left unanswered is, How do you do it? Which is the most easiest way to kill them and take your revenge? Have you ever given it a thought as to how you will take your revenge after uttering the statement “I will kill them […]

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