Beyond the perfect winged eye liner,And the gorgeous shade of the eyes,Is a different half-shattered soul,Who is in search of its actual wings. Deep inside this ocean,Lies the real person,Whose smile hides the broken pieces,But eyes speak it out aloud. Every blink of the eyes,Unfolds a new story,Some are beautiful, some are disturbing,But what matters […]

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When You Start Something New..

When you start something, Don’t stop in the middle of it, Don’t give up too fast, For the more difficult it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. The beginning of anything, Is very easy to master, But the real challenge, Lies in understanding it’s end. And then a point will come, When the excitement of […]

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The Feeling Of Being Lonely…

The feeling of being Lonely can prove to be a feeling which can lead an individual to a state of depression. This is a feeling where one tends to believe that he/she has been left out of all the activities happing in the surrounding. The person thinks and eventually starts believing that he/she is does […]

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What Makes Life Beautiful?

What makes life beautiful? A question that has infinite answers, Neither are right nor are wrong, Answers are just different from one another. Well, perspectives matter, Those are the things that make us different from one another, Not everyone looks through the same glass, Nor everyone can ever see. Few glasses define Life, As a […]

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Learn to bend, During a storm. Learn to fight, During a war. Learn to heal, After being crushed. Learn to smile, Even though it hurts. Learn to be strong, After a defeat. Learn to jump higher, After being pulled harder. Learn to see good, Even in the worst. Learn to say “No”, In a peaceful […]

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Don’t Look Back..

Don’t look back, If it’s gonna hurt, Let go the past, For it’s too heavy to carry. The world brought you down to your knees, You got stabbed with unknown knives, You sowed seeds for flowers, But they grew up to be thorns instead. The past you are tired of, Is irritating you simply, Because […]

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People.. People..!

People… People… People…! Honestly, in the 21st century, you don’t get to live your life, people live your life for you, society decides the way you should walk, talk, dress, behave, rather the society’s opinions decide how your future is going to be. When you decide to do something out of the box, you tend […]

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Be Like The Sun..

Be like the sun, Full of fire and fury, Too bright for those who can see, Too dark for those who can’t. Be like the sun, In someone’s life, Brightening their world, By being the only light, In their sad and their dark. Be like the sun, In someone’s life, Burning their ego, By expressing […]

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Everything was perfect, Attractive like beauty. The place of my dreams, The sky full of bliss. Sun set with hopes, Moon rose with the Stars. An exquisite land, Of which I had always dreamt of. An expensive lifestyle, Luxury as routine. Stepping out of a Mercedes, I enter a Villa, with my name on it. […]

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Be You..

No matter what they say, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they behave, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they react, Don’t forget to be you,. No matter how they change, Don’t forget to be you. Maybe they’ll hate you, Maybe you’ll be left out, Maybe you’ll feel alone, Maybe you’ll […]

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The Game

Down the lane, Of bliss and pain, A few memories vanishing, A few of them recreating. Where a few things started, A lot of them saw an end. Where my life slowly turned, Into a different kind of game. I tried to figure out the rules, But they kept changing with every move. The Hard-To-Get […]

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Then You Are Rich..

If once in a year, You go on a tour with your family, Then you are rich. If once in a month, You sit back and choose to relax, Then you are rich. If once in a week, Stars are your roof, Then you are rich. If once in a day, You have your food […]

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Hammer Hits..

Every unknown stranger, Every unknown sight, Even a few known looks, Question the critical “Why?!”. With Hammers in their questions, They hit it hard straight in my face. Questioning my every action, They impose the equal and opposite reaction for it. They say I am crazy, Living in a small world, I dream big. The […]

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If Only Once..

With the bleeding wounds of hate, With unexplainable heart pains, You looked for me everywhere, You left no corner undiscovered. You felt the thorns of loneliness, You suffered the loss of love, Your heart breaks were bringing you to me, But your fate didn’t want us to meet. At the peak of your success, You […]

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Deadly Waters…

Defining oneself in one word is pretty difficult, isn’t it? In school we used to be told to tell one thing in nature that inspired us and we would metaphorically relate it to us. Rivers, waterfalls, oceans were some of the common answers but we used to shoot without thinking. However, these being very common […]

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Optimistic Obsession..

It should be your passion, It should be your obsession. Without it, you should seem to be nothing, For you, it should mean everything. Be obsessed, Obsessed with Optimism. Positivity always surrounds you, But Negativity is something that you see. Try going beyond what you see, A little deep within. And there will you see […]

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Misguided Perceptions

“Perception” is the way we look at things. It can be A Problem, A Person, A Phenomenon or even Life. What matters in every situation of our Life is our Perception. Perceptions can be either Positive or Negative but can’t ever be categorized as Right or Wrong which is exactly what we do. Not liking […]

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Walk Towards The Dawn..

I started my journey a long time ago, All alone, taking my shadow along. My walk began at dusk, And ended up with someone at dawn. I had a hand to hold, He had a heart of gold, I counted on His shoulder, For shedding all my tears. An annyamos face it was, Had never […]

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