Acceptance Is Change..

Every human being on this planet has a desire to bring a change. A change in oneself because of the past mistakes, A change in one’s relationships, etc. But how do you bring about a change? Confused huh? So, let’s get out of this confusion by finding a solution! First of all, it is a […]

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Balloon Smiles..

A bright sunny morning it was,Birds singing and Trees dancing,Yet sad and low I felt,Dependant on someone for my happiness as I was.Nothing seemed nice to me,Not even the mild breeze,Though everything was perfect to smile,I waited for someone to make me smile.Suddenly from nowhere,A balloon came flying,Irritated by it hitting me,I held it between […]

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Time Truth..

Lying under the stars,Where it was completely dark,I heard my mind speak to my heart,”Is this what you want?”, mind asked.My heart all confused,And bandaged yet bleeding,Not understanding what to say, replied,”I guess not!”Sunk in the ocean of pains,Broken as a bottle of wine,My heart asked the stars,”Is there a fault in you?”Brightening up the […]

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The Road Not Taken..

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveler, long I stoodAnd looked down one as far as I couldTo where it bent in the undergrowth;Then took the other, as just as fair,And having perhaps the better claim,Because it was grassy and wanted wear;Though as for that the […]

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They all asked me,”What does Expectation mean?”,With the winds chilling my teardrop, I replied,”Oh, It’s just a way to hurt yourself.”With confused looks they stared at me,And with goosebumps all over I continued,”It does not seem to be true at first,But with time, you’ll realize that It’s not false either.””I expected once,From deep within my […]

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Rise After The Fall..

They pulled me down,To the standard they lived,Maybe a little more than that,So that they could be seen.I was too weak then,I too fell at their say,Deep-deep down I went.And then realized that it was way too late.Giving up was my first thought,’Cause it would end it all,No more cries of pain,And they too would […]

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“Love  Yourself the most because you are God’s masterpiece.”  “Care for someone because someone did for you too.” “Be Grateful to all those people in your life who gave you tears of joy and pain because they are the reason why you stand strong today.” “Feel the Satisfaction to understand how lucky you are.” “Experience […]

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The Lesson From The Fake.

Was it Fake? How can people be Fake? Why are situations Fake? Why do people Fake emotions? These questions strike our minds when we, unwillingly, have to get over people, let go someone important to us or have to believe in something fake. After a certain age, we simply start being social, believe in something […]

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Today Or Tomorrow ; Choice Is Yours

An open question was thrown to the public, what is it that really matters a lot to mankind? All sorts of intellectual answers came up… love, money, happiness, family, life, attention, fame, but unfortunately no one was able to hit the bull’s eye and the question remained unanswered. Actually, this question is worth thinking, what […]

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