Soldiers.. They forget the difference between day and night.. They forget their families and their friends.. They don’t celebrate like we do.. They don’t sleep like we do.. They are the reason behind our peaceful sleeps and our joyful moments.. They sacrifice their everything for us.. They don’t care about anything for us.. It’s their […]

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Ribbons n’ Roses..

Ribbons n’ Roses, A feeling of Love and Bliss, Air filled with Aroma of Purity, I wish Myself, A very Happy Valentine’s Day! The Day where Love is Celebrated, The Time when words are said from Heart, I would like to confess to myself, I Love You The Most, No Matter What. I Love my […]

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Hey Readers..I am really sorry for not being there these days. It’s my 10th Boards and my Preliminary Examinations are going on.I am done with 3 papers yet 7 more are to go. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not replying to your comments on my blog and not going through your […]

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Miles To Go Before I Sleep…

Hey..This is a #NoWordsWednesday Challenge extended by Mes Mots. Do check out the link and post your image Dear Readers. Lake Trübsee – Titlis, Switzerland According to the challenge, I have to post a picture of nature that says a lot. I have accepted the challenge. this is the picture I nominate…. Also I am glad […]

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Adiós 2018….. Hola 2019!

2018 has really been a great year! This was indeed a swift one. One day after the other which lead to weeks and months ahe here comes 31st December 2018 marking the end of this fantastic year. 2018 taught me many  lessons of life. It made me experience a lot many things but I would […]

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Wedding Vows..

25th December 2018, The wedding bells reverberated and finally, was the day when two hearts were going to merge forever to be said as one. It was just the perfect day. The air allover was scented with the aroma of love and joy. As she was getting dressed for her special day, He was staring […]

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Dear Mom…

Dear Mom, God could not be present everywhere and that is why he created you. You are the most comfortable person I have ever been with. So, on this special day of your’s, I am not yet capable of gifting you an actual present but, Mother, I surely have few words which I own.   Mom, […]

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Here I stand..

Here I stand,After experiencing the Free-Fall,On the edge of all my Fears,Facing all my Haters.In utter darkness,In complete silence,With all the winds chilling me throughout,Here I Stand, fearless, for you provoked me to do so.Surrounded with Misery,Slave of the Abuse,Blood all frozen in my veins,The World awaited my scream of Pain.They scratched and ripped my […]

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Which Said It All..

I wrote a song,About all that I have been through,It said it all,My actions and my flaws.First stood my Anger,The darkest spot on me,It not just pulled me down,But broke my beloved’s Heart too. Then came Trust and Loyalty together,I guess I had these blessingsA long, long time ago,But the situations took them all.Waiting eagerly was […]

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The Journey Begins

Hey.! This is a platform where ideas are shared, people are helped and lives are changed. I am here, sharing articles which will motivate you, stories which will inspire you and answers which will transform you. So fasten your seatbelts and with every story get ready for a change! Good company in a journey makes […]

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