Everything was perfect, Attractive like beauty. The place of my dreams, The sky full of bliss. Sun set with hopes, Moon rose with the Stars. An exquisite land, Of which I had always dreamt of. An expensive lifestyle, Luxury as routine. Stepping out of a Mercedes, I enter a Villa, with my name on it. […]

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Be You..

No matter what they say, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they behave, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they react, Don’t forget to be you,. No matter how they change, Don’t forget to be you. Maybe they’ll hate you, Maybe you’ll be left out, Maybe you’ll feel alone, Maybe you’ll […]

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Drowned, Didn’t Sink..

My heart drowned, Deeper in the oceans, Full of hate and blood, For I went adrift and lost the shore. My tears merged with the waters, My heart shed drops of pains, Searched for a piece of support, But I got just the waves. The waters pulled me further deep, The ocean bed awaited my […]

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The Game

Down the lane, Of bliss and pain, A few memories vanishing, A few of them recreating. Where a few things started, A lot of them saw an end. Where my life slowly turned, Into a different kind of game. I tried to figure out the rules, But they kept changing with every move. The Hard-To-Get […]

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Then You Are Rich..

If once in a year, You go on a tour with your family, Then you are rich. If once in a month, You sit back and choose to relax, Then you are rich. If once in a week, Stars are your roof, Then you are rich. If once in a day, You have your food […]

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3 Hobbies That Make Your Life.

Hobbies are an unseperable part of life. No one is complete without possessing a hobby. But sometimes we have let go our hobbies for our education or some other reasons and choosing between what we like and what is necessary to do is a really very tough job. Nothing hurts more than letting go our […]

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Anticipating Affection..

The stars together form my roof, The soft grass my bed. The mild breeze is my air conditioner, The moon is my night light. Laying awake in my home, A house without any walls, I felt the bliss of satisfaction, For I had built bridges and cut down the walls. Yet I could see, Pieces […]

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Hammer Hits..

Every unknown stranger, Every unknown sight, Even a few known looks, Question the critical “Why?!”. With Hammers in their questions, They hit it hard straight in my face. Questioning my every action, They impose the equal and opposite reaction for it. They say I am crazy, Living in a small world, I dream big. The […]

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Six Words Stories..

I was alone so I won. Appreciate Hate to feel the Love. Mad people do the Greatest Works. Understand than to be understood always. I deserved Dignity so I left. Attitude and Arrogance and Different Things. Their Opinions are just perfect “Moo”s. To make a difference, work different. Smile and you are the topic. I […]

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Place I Left..

Depth of Words, Truth of Realities, Scars of Tears, Bandages covering the Heart. Emotionally lost soul, Life held by a thread, In search of Faith, Experienced the feeling of Hate. One incidence of the past, Not letting me move ahead. I can’t even regret, Because that was what I once wanted. Counting my mistakes, one […]

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If Only Once..

With the bleeding wounds of hate, With unexplainable heart pains, You looked for me everywhere, You left no corner undiscovered. You felt the thorns of loneliness, You suffered the loss of love, Your heart breaks were bringing you to me, But your fate didn’t want us to meet. At the peak of your success, You […]

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Deadly Waters…

Defining oneself in one word is pretty difficult, isn’t it? In school we used to be told to tell one thing in nature that inspired us and we would metaphorically relate it to us. Rivers, waterfalls, oceans were some of the common answers but we used to shoot without thinking. However, these being very common […]

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So Called “Importance”

“Yeah.. It’s really Important for me” “You are the most important person for me” How many times do we all say such sentences? Maybe daily, maybe rarely. But the question is how many times do we actually mean these sentences? Nothing is important for a person when he actually has it. We never under the […]

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Soldiers.. They forget the difference between day and night.. They forget their families and their friends.. They don’t celebrate like we do.. They don’t sleep like we do.. They are the reason behind our peaceful sleeps and our joyful moments.. They sacrifice their everything for us.. They don’t care about anything for us.. It’s their […]

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Ribbons n’ Roses..

Ribbons n’ Roses, A feeling of Love and Bliss, Air filled with Aroma of Purity, I wish Myself, A very Happy Valentine’s Day! The Day where Love is Celebrated, The Time when words are said from Heart, I would like to confess to myself, I Love You The Most, No Matter What. I Love my […]

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Optimistic Obsession..

It should be your passion, It should be your obsession. Without it, you should seem to be nothing, For you, it should mean everything. Be obsessed, Obsessed with Optimism. Positivity always surrounds you, But Negativity is something that you see. Try going beyond what you see, A little deep within. And there will you see […]

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