After all the drama, The tears, the thoughts,Here I stand, In front of a dilemma. On one side stands, The experiences in life, While the second hand offers,The happiness of some. The Experiences shall stay, With me for an eternity, I’ll learn, I’ll grow, Surprisingly, against the will of my own. The Happiness is important […]

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The Messy Girl

Being a total mess, With everything upside down, Not having any explanations, She’s is lost in herself. Hair isn’t cared, Clothes aren’t ironed, Cupboards look like dumping place, Room is covered with books and pens. Everything seems ignored, She’s a non-studious girl, All day spent in some Foreign books, Well, everyone’s fed up, but she […]

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Beyond the perfect winged eye liner,And the gorgeous shade of the eyes,Is a different half-shattered soul,Who is in search of its actual wings. Deep inside this ocean,Lies the real person,Whose smile hides the broken pieces,But eyes speak it out aloud. Every blink of the eyes,Unfolds a new story,Some are beautiful, some are disturbing,But what matters […]

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What Has Gone So Wrong?

What has gone so wrong, That in every challenge offered by Life, You choose to bend down, Instead of standing up strong. What has gone so wrong,That the gift of Life has lost it’s worth, And everytime your capacities are questioned, You shut everything up by breathing no more. What has gone so wrong, That […]

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When You Start Something New..

When you start something, Don’t stop in the middle of it, Don’t give up too fast, For the more difficult it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. The beginning of anything, Is very easy to master, But the real challenge, Lies in understanding it’s end. And then a point will come, When the excitement of […]

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What Makes Life Beautiful?

What makes life beautiful? A question that has infinite answers, Neither are right nor are wrong, Answers are just different from one another. Well, perspectives matter, Those are the things that make us different from one another, Not everyone looks through the same glass, Nor everyone can ever see. Few glasses define Life, As a […]

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Be You..

No matter what they say, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they behave, Don’t forget to be you. No matter how they react, Don’t forget to be you,. No matter how they change, Don’t forget to be you. Maybe they’ll hate you, Maybe you’ll be left out, Maybe you’ll feel alone, Maybe you’ll […]

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Ribbons n’ Roses..

Ribbons n’ Roses, A feeling of Love and Bliss, Air filled with Aroma of Purity, I wish Myself, A very Happy Valentine’s Day! The Day where Love is Celebrated, The Time when words are said from Heart, I would like to confess to myself, I Love You The Most, No Matter What. I Love my […]

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